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Become your cats Personal Shopper 

No time to be a personal chef?
If you don't want to be personal chief to your cats, the next best thing you can do is become as finicky as your cat is regarding the choices you make. Some commercial cat food is filed with horrible ingredients which could be the the cause of the increase of cancer and diabetes in pets. What they put in pet food is the "leftovers" the stuff they can't sell for human consumption. That that includes EVERYTHING they find on the floor - diseased, dying, decayed, and disabled animals. Be especially aware of the word "meat" as it can include ANY animal that can be thrown into the render pot. Unfortunately, this may also include pets that have been euthanized, and their assorted flea collars as well. Yes, it can really be that bad!

So where do you begin?
A good clue to the quality of the cat food is realizing that if they put their advertising money into the ingredients, they would indeed have a good, high-quality cat food. So look to brands that don't advertise. Made by smaller companies, these are pet food brands you haven't heard of. They usually put their phone number on the can. Most will send you free information about their products.

Why not dry?
Although filing a dish with dry food seems most convenient for you, it's not good for your cat. Cats should be fed once or twice a day at most. Smelling food all day is one of the reasons cats become finicky and loose their appetite. If you must fill the dish, do it in the morning only, and if it's empty by night time don't fill it again until the following morning. If you must feed dry, supplement with some canned food, or a few chunks of raw meat for a more balanced diet.

Cats are carnivores: they hunt, gorge, digest/sleep, and start over. They don't nibble all day in the wild. Unlike humans, cats can go quite a while between meals, and it gives their digestive system a chance to clear out.

High Quality Food Brands

The following is a list of companies who are committed to creating the best foods for companion animals. Call them to find a retailer near you, they usually will answer your questions regarding contents, feeding guidelines, and production methods.

Natural Life

877-PetGuard -

989-631-0009 -

Halo, Purely for Pets
727-937-3376 -

800-532-7261 -

800-398-1600 -

800-255-4286 -

Natures Variety & Instinct
website only:

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