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Any store-bought food is cooked and processed, so it looses the some nutrients. Below are a few ideas that can boost the quality of even the best foods:

Addictive Additions!

There are a large number of herbal tonics that you can purchase online for your cat. These herbal tonics are made from a mixture of herbs and are a liquid that you can either squirt into your cats mouth or put into her food. Most cats don't mind them and some cats even like them as a treat. They are created with the taste buds of a cat in mind, and are usually sweet.

Feline enzymes:
Processed foods loose their enzymes when cooked. Feline enzymes replace what's been "cooked out" and make digestion and assimilation easier for your cat. Add feline enzymes to each meal.

Vitamin E and A/D
Once a week, puncture a vitamin E capsule and a vitamin A/D capsule into their food for shiny coat and better immune system.

Fresh Veggies:
Add a teaspoon of finely grated zucchini or chopped sprouts. Or try sprinkling catnip into their food to help with digestion. A touch of parsley helps their breath. But don't overdo it with veggies as cats don't need more carbs in their diets.

Process of Elimination:
A small spoon full of canned pumkin works wonders! Mix it into wet food, or some cats actually wil eat the pumkin as a treat. Some people try bran or ground physlium (never use husks) which isn't good for cats but can help in a pinch. Don't use to much, and don't use on a regular basis. If your cat is constipated or has small dry and hard stool, you might need to re-adjust his diet to include more moisture.

Extra good:
Lethicin granules are good for cats and they usually like the taste. Sprinkle 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon on one meal a day.

Add a fish oil supplement daily to reduce hairballs and make coat soft and shiny. Cats can't get to much fish oil in their diets. There are products that use flaxseed oil instead of fish oil. Although cheaper, some cats may develop an allergy because it's a grain oil instead of protein oil.

Special treats:
Try a cantaloupe ball, an olive, a soft boiled egg. If you like egg white omletts, put the yolk in a dish and let your cat try it. Some cats lap it up and it's a good source of L-Methionine.

Remember not to overdo it with treats! Cats are pretty quick at figuring out what behavior will get them treats, so if you give them a treat to stop them from meowing and pestering you, they will continue to meow and pester you for the treats.

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