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Less Words and More Actions, Please!

Do you suspect your cat is psychic?
Does she sit undisturbed every time you go to the kitchen to make a cup of tea, but the minute you go to the kitchen for a bit of that leftover salmon she's right at your feet? Well, it just so happens, you're right. Cats (in fact, all animals) think and communicate in images. They see the pictures in our mind as we think them. She see's you thinking about an apple, and loses interest, but start thinking about chicken strips and see what happens!

Cats also sense our emotional state and react accordingly.
If we're stressed or anxious about something in our lives, our cats may start to pick up on these feelings. They may act out, peeing outside the box, hiding, or being unusually skittish. If you are upset about something, have a talk with your cat and tell her that even though you're upset, it doesn't affect how your feel about her and that you aren't upset with her.

If you've never had a talk with your cat before, it's very easy.
Just speak directly at your cat, very calmly. Make it brief and to the point. If you want to pet her at the same time go right ahead. Cats like to hear our human voice, and they want us to be happy (so that we'll keep feeding them on schedule).

Is your cat is doing something that displeases you?
Such as scratching the furniture instead of his post, or tearing at the curtains, look directly at the cat and say "noooooo" in a low, growling tone. Once you get this down, it works better than spraying them with water. However, if you do need to take more drastic measures and spray them, make sure the sprayer is on MIST, not STREAM. A mist will get the cat damp and annoy him, but a spray is considered very aggressive action on your part by the cat.

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