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Since we can't use the flea drops, and Nic does have garden privaleges, we have to get creative in the battle with fleas. I've found three tactics that seem to be controlling them.

First, FELA COMB! I found a good strong one with a rubber handle which is helpful while holding a squirming cat with the other hand. My trick is to have a tall glass of water close by and after each stroke of the comb through fur I look at the comb teeth for the small black dots. If one or more are there, the comb gets quickly dunked into the water. You need to be quick with the water dunking, because the fleas can jump off the comb and back on the cat. Also, fleas will swim for a while (about 20 minutes in some cases) before drowning and some will try to climb the comb or the side of the glass. I don't like to touch them since they may climb on my finger, so I'll use the comb to push them back down. If you're really impatient about killing off the fleas, put a small drop of dish detergent in the water and the fleas will belly up in no time. Then you'll need to refill the glass of water because you don't want to comb your cat with soapy water as he will ingest the soap when cleaning himself.

Nic really hates to be combed, so a small treat afterwards makes him much more accepting of the combing. Sometimes it seem like he knows we're getting rid of the little buggers and is ok, but other days he wants no part of it. His skin may be very sensitive and he'll loose patience. I comb him every day in flea season, so it's worth the extra effort to make it as pleasant an experience as can for him. All cats get a daily combing, takes about 5 minutes per cat.

Secondly, I use a natural herbal defense flea spray but I only spray it on his collar right before he goes outside. Fleas don't like the smell of this stuff, and neither do cats - which is why I never spray it directly on his fur.

And third, Diatomaceous Earth, which is an all natural flea control agent which is safe and non-toxic (although you don't want to breath the dust - read theinstructions for using). It gets sprinkled on carpets and catbeds!

A small amount of work, and I can't say we're 100% flea free, but on the plus side, we're pretty close and no bald spots!