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W E L C O M E   T O   C A T S L I F E !

Worried about commercial pet foods?

What we feed our pets is probably the most significant impact we will make on their lives. Whether it's the recent pet food scare or ongoing concerns about your pets health, if you've ever wanted to take matters into your own hands instead of trusting the advertising of large pet food corporations, now is the time to explore your options.

To learn more about high quality foods, or homemade food, visit our natural nutrition page. We have the basics for a raw food recipe, and some tips for good, high quality canned food brands and nutritional enhancements.

Prevention is Still The Best Medicine!
From Alternative healing, to healthy preventative remedies, it's now easier than ever to keep your cat in optimal health. Not only will your cat feel better, but you'll enjoy less trips to the vet, less medicines, and healthier, happier felines!

Benefits of a raw food diet:
It may seem like a lot of work at first, but once you get a system down you should be able to make 2 weeks worth of frozen meals in about 20 minutes (more).

What is Alternative Healing?
Alternative healing addresses the entire body of your cats life - the body, minds, spirit, and environment. It's an overall approach to treating any dis-ease your cat may have, or to keep your cat in optimum health (more).

No time to be a personal chef?
If you don't want to be personal chief to your cats, the next best thing you can do is become as finicky as your cat is regarding the choices you make (more)  


Declawing is only done in the
United States and Canada.

Declawing is illegal or considered extremely inhumane in dozens of countries around the world including most "civilized" nations. It is against the Conventions of the European Union. 


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